Shenandoah Preventive Medicine


We are people serving people.

Get well, stay well.
"Dr. Burgess and his staff quite literally saved my life. There are levels of pain that make life intolerable. I had no choice except for more surgeries and narcotics. I spent a million dollars on multiple spinal surgeries over a ten year period. Narcotics were a daily routine for years. With no functional future in sight, a friend recommended Dr. Burgess and his pain clinic. The staff was different. They were understanding of my severe condition and highly trained in both invasive and non-invasive treatments. I was never led to any one treatment. I was given the option of various treatments based on safety and cost. My well being was at the center of all decisions. I made the decisions based on Dr. Burgess's advice and explanations. Now I have a life and my children have a father. I am functional and narcotics are a distant past. My thanks is lifelong. "
This is not your average medical crew. I was treated with respect and kindness. A six year problem of severe low back pain was resolved in three weeks.
The cost to me to resolve the issue was less than one percent of what I spent in one year on medication alone. Those wanting to actually heal have come to the right place. This group can take away the pain with common sense and honest information.
Live and learn.
It took years to find a doctor and staff who treated me like I mattered. Post-surgical complications were not denied. They were considered, confirmed, and treated. This corrected the problem. Their willingness refer me to any specialty I felt appropriate, and their willingness to share with my family and other physicians involved was some fresh air.
Thousands of patients have offered their support and appreciation. That is what has made our clinic and still sustains it. The thanks goes to the patients who made us. We are thankful.