Shenandoah Preventive Medicine


We are people serving people.

Our affiliated pain clinic uses natural, convenient, inexpensive home therapies first. Many times it is just some simple knowledge that is required. We are happy to share this information. 
Full neurologic, orthopedic, and internal medical specialties are invited to share information, diagnostics, and treatments.
We encourage second, third, and fourth opinions.
Our expertise in is safe injection therapies:
No cortisone.
No fluoroscopy.
Just ultrasound guided regenerative injections.
This is known as neural therapy. 
It is highly effective and far safer than cortisone and, of course, radiation. 
The pain from the procedures we do is like a pin prick when compared to the more invasive procedures that are usually offered to the public.  
Full recovery nutritional programs are available.

Our contact numbers may be used:
You may also visit www.wvpainclinic for more information.